Our team

Hadi Toure GUINDO
Co-founder; President

Academic background : MSc Environmental Engineering- Drinking Water Treatment; BSc Environmental Engineering

– What gets you up in the morning ? : My ambition to inspire aspiring engineers and scientists

– Proudest professional experience : Disseminating my research on emerging contaminants, (micropollutants including PFAs) removal from water using membrane filtration during the UNESCO & IWRA conference with 200+ participants from all over the world. This research that I conducted inspired me to organize a movie screening session with university students to raise awareness to the origins and impacts of PFAs.

– 3 words describing you : Determined – Passionate – Authentic

Co-founder; business development & strategy

Academic background : MSc Environment and Resources Management; BSc Geography

– What gets you up in the morning ? : Breakfast.. The most important meal of the day

Proudest professional experience : Whilst working at University of Otago on research into meteorological drought, I also coordinated seminar classes on coastal geomorphology. I supported students in their exam preparation and with essay support. Witnessing the growth of the students over the year was a privilege, especially to see them realize the growth in themselves.

– 3 words describing you : Adaptable – Adventurous – Patient

Sanata THERA
WASH expert

Academic background : MSc Water and Sustainable Development; BSc Civil Engineering; BSc Environmental Engineering

– What gets you up in the morning ? : My desire to always do better than yesterday

– Proudest professional experience : Taking part in the project “Clean Water and Maternal Health ” which had a significant impact on the rural communities of Tioribougou, Ouolodo and Nossombougou. As a young Expert, I took an active role in building the capacity of local WASH practitioners in the sustainable management of WASH infrastructures in health care centers, thus giving a better service to these communities and reducing the transmission rate of nosocomial diseases and child mortality.

– 3 words describing you : Diligent – Ambitious – Creative

Malica MAÏGA
Environmental and Social Governance expert

Academic background : MSc Environmental Study; BSc Environmental Sciences

– What gets you up in the morning ? : The Hope for a better tomorrow and a sense of responsibility

– Proudest professional experience : Taking part in the environmental and social aspect of Kabala project (participate in the improvement of the living conditions of populations, especially women, through focus groups and public consultations). To be able to pass from the theory learned at the university to the practice in real life and to see the positive impacts of taking into account all the layers of populations in all the project phases.

– 3 words describing you : Courageous- Conciliatory – Determined