Action: For AFR’eau, the glass is half full

New York City UN Water Conference: We are here. We are ready! We are fired up! We are AFREAU.

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    • 21-03-2023

At AFREAU we believe that people have the solutions, we work at the interface of Action, Formation (training), Research through a citizen science centred approach. Putting communities at the heart is what we want to contribute to the second half of the UN Decade of Action on Water for Sustainable Development.

For us, this means getting empowered: it is not about what we say, it is about what we do. This week, in New York, the water world is going to say a lot. We will also be there, as AFREAU’s co-founder and president GUINDO Hadi TOURE will attend as an IWA Grundfos fellow, where she brings the citizen science perspective and her experience as a hydraulic turned social modeler.

We recognise the importance of coming together and streamlining our actions to amplify the change we want to see in the world for everyone to have sustainable access to water and sanitation services. We also recognise our value as a female and youth-led organisation that delivers. That’s why we will be contributing our Action on championing citizen science as a Commitment to the Action Agenda, holding ourselves accountable with SWA’s Mutual Accountability Mechanism adding our voice to the #FillUpTheGlass campaign, coordinated by the International Secretariat for Water. Following the conference we will concretely connect (with blogs, videos, content) to the wider community with our citizen science based approaches, our skills based training for STEM students and our passion for doing things differently. For us, our glass is half full! - 2023